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Do you have:

  • A design that can be exploited with new customers?
  • A specific capability or capacity that you would like to exploit?

Do you wish to exploit this potential without detracting from your core business?

We provide the services to complement your capability to take advantage of dormant assets such as machine designs or spare capacity to:

  • Exploit the commercial potential of a machine already designed
  • Open your capability into a new market
  • Provide increased margins by re-using existing knowledge / designs again and again

If you have designed a bespoke machine for one client, the overhead costs of the design have already been covered, therefore you would be able to manufacture a second for a lower value whilst maintaining healthy margins. There would however be a marketing cost involved in finding someone else to purchase the same machine.

This market exploitation can either be undertaken at no cost to you under the "Risk-Reward" basis or as an investment under the "Business Development Service" basis:

"Risk-Reward" - No cost to you (Venture Capital route)

Under the risk-reward basis, if we are confident in the viability of the new business venture, we will agree a rate for your machine and we will exploit the potential of that machine under our name. This will require us to have exclusive rights to exploit the design and for the venture to be sufficiently attractive for us to be able to sell at a margin to justify the investment.

The benefit to you is that you will become an exclusive supplier to ourselves for this machine (whilst maintaining a reasonable margin) without any capital outlay. The disadvantage is that there must be sufficient margin between the cost of the machine and the full market value to justify our investment and if there is such a margin you may wish to undertake the investment yourself under the "Business Development Service". See additional leaflet "ABT Funding" for further information on the "Risk-Reward" option.

"Business Development Service" - You Invest In Your Future

Under the Business Development Service, we charge a fixed monthly fee to market the product under your name (or another if you wish) and you take all the reward should the venture be successful. See additional leaflet "Business Development Service".

Contact us today to see how our service could help you commercialise your assets:

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