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Are you:
  • A small business with a great idea or capability?
  • Struggling to develop the idea into a commercial venture?

Would you like to meet a company that helps solve your problems instead of training you to do things you don't want to do?

We not only provide practical guidance but also have the resources to pro-actively develop your business so that our services can be measured by your success. Would you like to:

  • Identify and expand your business opportunities?
  • Have someone pro-actively develop these opportunities into results?
  • Trial this service for FREE?

How do you know if our services will really help you? We could expend significant effort trying to convince you, however if we are confident that we make a good partnership we would prefer to use this effort to demonstrate our value with a free trial period to start developing your business.

Such services include:

  • Development of objectives, strategy and business development plans
  • Development of a marketing strategy and business image
  • Implementation of business plans utilising support services in marketing, web site design, staffing, administration and legal services
  • Opening the door with prospective clients
  • Control of business development with computerised systems to flexibly manage contacts, marketing, orders, invoices, accounts and delivery
  • Commercial assistance to help with sales and tendering
  • Quality Management to provide an enhanced image and "self-running" business
  • Effective utilisation of your spare resources (staff and equipment)

We provide co-ordinated services to develop the strategy, systems and company to achieve controlled growth of your business. If you cannot justify a full-time Business Development Manager, Marketing Department, IT Department, Tendering Department, Web designer, Quality Manager and Sales Team, then the most cost effective way to grow your business is to share these resources with others.

Our solutions are tailored to help developing businesses by pooling together the support available from numerous sources, including agencies, banks, associations, IT packages and other businesses with spare resources to minimise the overall cost. The solutions are designed for the developing business, to provide the most cost effective results.

Contact us today to see how our tailored service could help you benefit from multi skills without having to employ them.

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