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The Conventional Way:

You seek advice from a business advisor. You then have to detract from your task to implement the advice yourself.

The ABT Way:

A Business Development Manager is assigned to each client and is responsible for achieving business objectives. The manager will develop the most appropriate plan and pro-actively drive towards the objectives. The methods of implementation are naturally fed back to the client and undertaken with client approval, however the manager has the ability to drive the process as necessary.

We work with business that are aware of the need to develop, however they need a guiding hand to be shown practical options to develop and implement the plans.

Using a fixed monthly budget we can provide the various services to meet the ever changing demands of the business. Our service is like a "flexible employee" that is in fact a pool of resources.

For small businesses, it is critically important to ensure good value for money. Instead of wasting valuable time attempting to "sell" a service, we propose to provide a free service to selected clients. Only if you are happy with the service provided do we negotiate the level of service appropriate for your business.

The service is ideal for small and medium businesses with the potential to develop with a pro-active Business Development Manager.

"Employee" type contract
Pro-active business development towards clients best interest
Business Development Manager
Focus on overall business objectives rather than one element
Pool of resources
Flexibility to meet the changing needs of the business
Work done belongs to client
You can continue on your own at no extra cost
Monthly contract
Service can be terminated without "employee" liabilities
Feedback while developing
Visibility over progress that will be pro-actively driven
Fixed monthly cost
The cost is easy to budget
Continual refinement
Services develop to reflect changes within the business

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