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Two Market Concept:

ABT operate in two complimentary markets:

  1. We develop manufacturing sites by identifying and implementing projects to increase their efficiency.
  2. We develop engineering companies by matching projects to the manufacturing sites and share the overhead costs of the business.

How ABT Is Funded:

We take advantage of new development project grants; however the majority of our finding is from the commercial part of the business, which is funded from the projects themselves.

ABT contracts with the end client production facility are based on the cost savings and not on the solution itself. As long as the cost of the solution is less than the saving, we make a profit. This gives us the incentive to find the best value solution (simplest for the greatest saving = highest return).

Given the open approach with the end clients, we look at both sides of the coin. We look at:

  1. What capability is required to solve a problem (i.e. on behalf of the factory)
  2. Where a specific capability is best utilized in the factory for the benefit of both parties.

Sometimes looking from the technology perspective enables us to see where a single solution will solve multiple problems (which are difficult to spot when undertaking the analysis from the project perspective).

The majority of our work is design / brainstorming and analysis of pay-back to bring together the relevant technology to find the most appropriate solution for each application (usually where the end client hadn't realized that the process could be economically automated because they have simply "always done it that way").

How Does This Benefit You?

Due to the individual nature of this service, it is more difficult to explain what we do than it would be to demonstrate how we could benefit each other in your particular instance. If you have a specific capability or spare capacity, this could be put to good use with our end clients for our mutual benefit.

Why You Should Register Your Capabilities For Free:

We have a free hand in a number of factories, where we recommend projects. Some projects are being driven by the end client because they are required in the short term and it is up to us to find suppliers. For many projects however it is our task to identify and solve problems within a pay-back period. For this it is important to know the capabilities of manufacturers so that we can realistically determine which projects will be viable within the agreed pay-back period. We therefore recommend that you contact us to register your capability profile for free.

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