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The Conventional Way - Single Employee:

You employ one or more people to cover the areas your business requires.

The ABT Way - "Flexible Employee":

ABT provide what your business requires from a team of employees and changes the skill-set as your business develops. ABT is a "flexible employee" that charges a flat monthly rate for the level of return expected.

Conventional Way

Fixed skill-set


Experience of a flexible team

Limited capacity


Capacity varies over short term to meet requirements

Fixed monthly cost of employee


Fixed monthly cost of service

Employee legislation / implications


Contract agreement without "employee" liability

Takes time off sick


When one resource limited, development continues with other resources or "banked" for future use

Not good at everything


Most appropriate employee used as required

Works solely for you


A team of specialists shared with other companies to bring in outside experiences

Tools developed / purchased by you


We bring together common requirements to share the costs

Employee costs the same for doing basic jobs


We are paid the same monthly fee, but provide more hours for lower-paid basic jobs

Employee costs vary to do the job - i.e. still require printing


Our cost can optionally remain fixed for a combined level of service to include all costs. We then determine the best development return per £.

Employee may not always the best person for the job


We have multiple resources to choose from

There is a minimum cost to the employee you want


We can provide a proportional use of a team at any cost to reflect the service required.


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